WELCOME!Handmade designs est. 2020

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Welcome to Court & Co! We are so glad you are here! Court & Co. was started in April of 2020. Yep you read that right. Right in the middle of the stay at home / quarantine / lockdown . As a hairstylist , our industry was completely shut down. With having nothing to do, and being a crafty person since I can even remember, it was time to take on a new hobby. Of course at this time we were all scrolling tik tok. Amongst all the savage dances and funny Tiger King refrences, I found Polymer Clay jewelry. I watched tons of those videos and did what any bored woman does, I put everything I needed in my amazon cart and I placed the order.
Over the past 3 years (wow, it's been that long?!?!) I have research and experimented with different techniques. It took a while but I finally found my style and off I went. Fun. my style is fun. I have fun making the pieces and you should have fun wearing them. If there is anything I have learned in the past three years , is that life is short, and we need to have fun!